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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

crazy, screwed up family (part 3)

So the crisis comes when I find out that telecommuting is imminent. Where the hell am I supposed to set up my workstation in this nightmare of a house? My mother suggests I use my bedroom. I am the only person in the house who does not share a bedroom. But it is the tiniest room in the house, there's not enough space for what I already have in here. In order to fit a desk in here, I'd have to move some of my other things out of the room -- and there's no place in the house (or garage) to put anything that I can't keep in my room. The last time I had a desk in here, I didn't have both a dresser and an armoire, I must have been about 18 at the time. My mother doesn't believe me. Even after I went on line and mapped it out for her, she doesn't think the laws of physics apply to my bedroom. Not to mention, the psychological effects of working in my bedroom. When you have a home office or telecommute, you're supposed to have a space in your house dedicated exclusively to your business pursuits. Since my sisters have virtually taken over the living room, I spend most of my time in my bedroom. And now you want me to spend even more time in that room? So I had long, logical discussions with my parents -- mostly my mother, but I did include my father. Logically, the only reasonable place to set up a workstation is in the den. I need to be able to plug in my equipment to the internet, can't use wi-fi, and the den is already wired. doesn't matter that the den doesn't have a door, I don't need to be able to close the door to keep out noise - I work in a cubicle, and any cube farm dweller knows you hear everyone else's conversations, phone calls, etc. all day long. Besides, except for my mother , no one in this house gets up before noon, and my workday would be 8 AM - 4 PM, so noise would only be a factor for a few hours in the afternoon. My sisters would have to move some of their things to make room for my desk and chair, but it would be very do-able. Initially my parents agreed. then my mother backtracked. "You can't have the den. I've been paying H's rent and I can't afford it anymore, so she has to move back home." H is a career prosecutor, got excessed out of her job 2 1/2 years ago and hasn't been able to find another. (If you have 4-5 years in the prosecutor's office you're in high demand in civil law firms, but once you've spent 17 years as a criminal attorney you're kind of pigeonholed). But I didn't realize my parents were paying her rent. No wonder my mother is crying poverty! "OK, then,I'll move my stuff into the den. It will be hard working and sleeping in the same room, but at least it won't be claustrophobic." The den is considerably larger than my bedroom. And then F and A started howling "She can't have the den!" and "We're going to play the piano all day long so you can't work!" (the piano is in the living room, right next to the door that leads from the living room into the den. and then on Tuesday night....

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MJ said...


I'm gonna go with "you can't MAKE this crap up". It's unfathomable to me that grown-ass adults act like that. I'm so sorry--I can only imagine the stress that's putting on you.

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