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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ah, spring

It's come early this year.

Usually the weather is still cold and damp and windy at the end of March, and when the equinox arrives we joke about the "lovely spring weather".

But this year was the winter that wasn't.  After a freak snowstorm for Halloween the weather was relatively warm and mild all season.

As a result, everything bloomed 2-3 weeks early. 

I'm not complaining, of course.  I'm not terribly fond of ice and snow.

But I am on my guard -- I do remember 1982 -- the freaky April blizzard.

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Grandy said...

We had snow here today, in CALIFORNIA!! We didn't get much of a "winter" persay, but I hope it doesn't mean we skip spring all together. It's my favorite time of year. :)

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