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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Love this site Gives reviews of local restaurants by critics, bloggers and ordinary patrons. Want a good restaurant for a romantic dinner? The best diner? A good burger? Try this site.

And if you look at the Long Island leaderboard . . . Yes that's me as one of the top contributors.

Can't help it. Drew and I like to go out, and I like to share.

Funniest Urbanspoon moment?

We ate in PF Chang's in March. I wrote a thorough review, described every dish we ordered. Talked about the mediocre service.

Six months later we went back. After dinner I logged onto Urbanspoon. Read my review and laughed. We had ordered the exact same dinner. And the service was mediocre. No need for an update.

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Suzanne said...

I love Urban Spoon! Ed and I both contribute, focusing on the Mom and Pop businesses that don't have advertising dollars.

Last night, I went to our favorite Italian restaurant that we've reviewed pretty much the entire menu. The place was packed, people were waiting for tables, the take out was stacked on top of the pizza ovens and the phone ringing off the hook.

While it was busy when we first started going there a few years ago, I think all the glowing reviews on US (by us and others) definitely steer the uninitiated to try the best pizza outside of New York!

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