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Sunday, December 18, 2011

so about my sisters

It's a sad situation. I blame myself, in part, because I contributed to it,but the real blame goes to my parents, who indulged them, and to their own poor choices.

As I said, there are four of us. I am the oldest, my sister H is a year younger than I am. F and A are identical twins, born six years after H, when my parents (for various reasons) assumed there would be no more children.

My parents had very clear expectations for me and for H . . . Once you finish high school you either go to college or you go to work. I went to college, graduated, went to law school, graduated and found a job . . .and found myself on the road to adulthood. H went to college, dropped out and went to work, went back to school . . .ultimately finished school, started a career, went back to school. . .adulthood.

Not so with the twins.

They found a passion for theater early in life. They had considerable talent, and went to a
regional performing arts high school part time to develop that talent. Followed up with BFA degrees from a fine university with a wonderful program in musical theater. Did a lot of summer stock.

And then . . .

Came home to Long Island. Started going on auditions, etc. Couldn't.
get a foothold in the industry.

I think part of the problem was distance . . . They should have been in NYC not buried in the Suburbs. And they were very picky about what they wanted to do . . . They wanted to work together as a sister act.

So they had a few jobs here and there . . . But nothing long term.

And then I got divorced. And moved back home with two little girls.

F and A love my daughters and easily slipped into the role of nanny to my girls. My kids were 4 and 2 at the time, I was going through a hellish divorce, and I was glad to have he love and support of family. My sisters accuse me of not appreciating what they did for me and my girls . . . But back then, I was overwhelmed, and couldn't have managed at all without them. So how did it all go sour? I leave that tale for another day.

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