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Saturday, October 10, 2009

hail the world traveler

well, not really...but I am typing this from my room at the Embassy Suites in Washington, DC.

Becca and I flew down this AM -- LGA to DCA. took the Metro from National to the hotel. Becca successfully navigated the streets from the DuPont Metro station to the hotel....but tomorrow we're taking a cab back to the airport.

we got lucky this morning, we got here just before 11 and our room was ready.

I do like this hotel. The lobby serves as an atrium, with each floor arranged as a balcony looking down to the lobby.

We have a lovely 2-room suite. there's a living room with a couch, an armchair chair, a table with 3 chairs, a bar sink, a and a TV. there's a closet that hides a small refrigerator and a microwave. the bedroom has two queen-sized beds, and a second TV. the bathroom is kind of small, but there's a second sink in the bedroom.

After we got settled in, we took the 5-block walk to George Washington University. Ate lunch at the TGI Friday's on campus. then we headed over to the admissions visitors center for an information session and a tour of the campus.

the school is in a fabulous location, it's part of the Foggy Bottom neighborhood, within blocks of the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the State Department, etc. Lots of possibilities for internships here.

During the tour we saw the strangest site....a group of GW students, maybe 8-10 of them, walking up the street with pink foam whales on their heads. Can't figure out what that was all about.

After the tour we made a stop at the bookstore to buy a GW t-shirt...we always buy college gear after one of these tours .... and now we're back at the hotel. Not sure if we'll go out tonight or order room service -- we're both wiped out. tomorrow we will have breakfast at the htoel and then fly home.


Joyce-Anne said...

So, has Becca made a decision where she's going next year?

songbird's crazy world said...

not yet. she loved Boston. she loves this school. she's got 13 schools on her list. decisions get made in the spring, after the acceptance letters go out.

Suzanne said...

Yikes, 13 application fees!

I think I told you, a friend graduated AU's program that she is interested in pursuing. Not that he uses it-he works for Verizon in something totally unrelated.

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