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Sunday, October 18, 2009

attended a great concert tonight

 The Turtles Featuring flo and Eddie, Felix Cavelieri's Rascals and Tommy James and the Shondells.  three groups whose popularity peaked when I was in elementary school. 40 years later, they're still going strong.

concert was at Westbury Music Fair. small venue, not a bad seat in the house.  10 rows from the stage and we had a perfect view.

it's theater in the round, the stage in in the center of the room and it rotates 360 degrees.  makes for an interesting performance.

but I thught it was really rude for the audience to leave before the show was over -- 1/3 of them walked out while tommy was singing Mony Mony and missed his encor of Sweet Cherry Wine.  I know parking is a pain at the Muisc Fair, and there's only one exit, but still...please stay until the show is actually over.

enjoy the music:

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