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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

Weigh-in day -- I was up a pound. Considering how many ways I found to sabotage myself over previous 2 weeks, a one-pound gain was not a bad thing.

found weight Watchers breakfast sandwiches in the frozen foods ailse at the supermarket Thursday and just had to have them. 4 points per sandwich, not bad at all.

but the fat-free fig newtons -- blech. they taste awful! did you know that the calorie count for one fat free cookie is exactly the same as the calorie count for a regular cookie? and the regular cookies have more fiber than the fat free version. so why bother with the fat free version?

The show:

No exercise for Tracey. Oh, boo hoo (all sarcasm duly intended).

No use of the kitchen, menus only -- and I think the restaurant deliberately screwed up the orders. Loved the trip to the Mexican restaurant.

The immunity I don't think I could have done it, I hate heights. I used to jump off the high diving board when I was a kid, but now way. So proud of Shay for holding on for 10 full minutes. It comes down to Daniel and Allen, and neither man wants to give up. and Daniel wins!!!

Last chance workout...oh, no, Coach Mo!

And the weigh-in. Daniel is definitely "playing the game", I don't believe his denials. The purple team is safe from elimination -- Shay is so upset! Julio falls below the yellow line. Pink team FINALLY has a good week! And brown falls below the yellow line.

And Julio is voted out.

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Joyce-Anne said...

Argh!! I liked Julio. There was no way I could have done the height challenge either.

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