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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

weigh-in day -- and despite my continued self-sabotage, I managed to lose 1.6 pounds! way to go!!!! of course, the fact that the escalator in the PATH station -- all 6 stories of it -- came to a complete stop when I was halfway up and I had to walk the rest of the way -- well, it didn't hurt that I got my exercise before weighing in.

I've stayed close to the program during the week, but haven't really found an exercise groove.

As for the show --

Missed the first few minutes of the show, turned on the TV just as Tracey won the golden ticket. Man, that girl could use a Dale Carnegie class or two, she managed to alienate EVERYONE when she chose the teams.

LIz was so upset, and now she is just so determined...for revenge.

And Dina...has a good friend in Rudy.

The challenge, for videos from home....loved the Cleopatra imagery! and the "pull your own weight" comments. no surprise that the blue team won, but Liz is still out for Tracey's blood....and the kindness Rebecca shows Dina....and Liz shows Danny....

Weigh-in time: Tracey feels the daggers on her back as she walks to the scale. No one celebrates when she loses 7 pounds.

blue team has a good weigh-in.

And then it's black's turn. wow, Danny and Daniel did very well.but OMG, Shay! 16 pounds!

And when the black team won, Tracey's face was...well, she kind of knew she was in trouble, didn't she? Liz wins immunity and ... by the time they left the weigh-in they knew who they were sending home. But then Coach Mo is an idiot to fall on his sword.

OMG, Tracey's sob-story act is too much! But they vote out Coach Mo....much as they hate Tracey they see him as the weak link...


Joyce-Anne said...

I know, I know. They went to commercial and I said to my husband, they're going to vote out Coach Mo. He didn't agree with me. Turns out, I was right. I can't wait for Tracey to get her due, though.

songbird's crazy world said...

Tracey is going to feel the pain sooner or later.

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