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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

I had a training class on Tuesday, so no WW meeting ....and no weigh-in. Just as well. It would not have been pretty. Sigh.

Here's that little bit of "bling" I mentioned last week.

Looking at the clothing catalogues -- the plus-sized clothing catalogues -- and I have become determined to someday be able to shop in a store that does not carry plus sizes.

As for the show...

the week's theme is "choices".

First choice: weigh-in advantage....or training with Bob and Jillian...interesting choice. Tracey is nuts! Coach Mo does not look happy.

Uh, oh...stress fracture...poor Abby.

Second choice: the temptation -- control your diet or control the game. the power to dictate who goes below the yellow line. Control the weigh-in. Wow! Cupcakes....nothing but cupcakes....Antoine and Tracey...and Tracy wins...and everyone thinks she's crazy, a wild card...

And I am not liking how Jillian is berating her. It's deserved, but come on...

Third choice: the challenge -- the winner gets immunity -- each team must get 500 lbs up the ramp. 25 pounds at a time over a long distance or 10 pounds at a time over a short distance?

Green team -- Allen the firefighter -- wins immunity.

And everyone else finishes the challenge anyhow. and they prove that no one faces a challenge alone.

Last chance workout, and the focus is on the girls, because everyone assumes Tracey will put the girls on the scale and not the guys.

So now it's time to weigh in...

Green team has immunity, so their weigh-in doesn't "count". Drama with the pink team -- will Tracey keep her word and pick Rebecca, or will she stab the pink team in the back and pick Amanda?

She picks Amanda, saying "you did great this week...." but Rebecca and Amanda feel betrayed. And Amanda lost 5 pounds!!! Which means pink is safe from elimination.

More drama with the orange team...Shay or Daniel? Same BS -- she said she'd pick Daniel but she ultimately picks Shay, with the same line about "Shay did well this week..."

And Shay loses 6 pounds, not enough to be safe. And Daniel gave her a pep talk. And Rebecca is upset and angry. The orange team is below the yellow line.

The last team to weigh in is purple. Tracey chooses to represent her team, Coach Mo told her he couldn't do it. She needs 2 pounds to stay above the yellow line. She ate the cupcakes and didn't work out with a trainer....And she lost 11 pounds! Mo lost only 1 pound. And there's NO APPLAUSE.

Last choice of the night: Red or orange....who goes home? Red team...they both have strong support systems back home, Shay does not....the Red team offers to sacrifice themselves so Shay can stay...the tears were flowing....

So Sean and Antoine have to go home.

And next week's previews....looks like Tracey may have some real problems.


Joyce-Anne said...

I can't WAIT for Tracey to get kicked off. She's bonkers!

songbird's crazy world said...

I agree.

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