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Monday, December 22, 2008


I've mentioned Becca's involvement with Key club and Spanish Club.

Now let me brag on Jen's involvement with Jumpstart. She plans to be an elementary school reacher and she's doing Jumpstart through her college.

Jumpstart college students serve in three different roles: Corps Member,
Volunteer Coordinator, or Team Leader.The Jumpstart Corps member
position is open to college students committed to Jumpstart’s mission to work
toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed and who
are able to serve 10-12 hours per week (for a total of at least 200 to 300
hours, depending on the site) during the school year. Corps members partner with
children from low-income backgrounds to help them build skills crucial to school
success. Responsibilities include participating in two two-hour Jumpstart
sessions each week with partner child and team, participating in two team
planning meetings each week, serving four to six hours each week in a preschool
classroom during the regular school day, communicating with partner child’s
family and sharing strategies for helping the child, participating in intensive
pre- and in-service training, and attending periodic service days, usually held
on Saturdays

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