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Saturday, December 20, 2008

mmmm....Chinese food

Becca's boyfriend is here for the evening. so we decided to order Chinese food. on the menu tonight: vegetable and bean curd soup, bbq spare ribs, imperial shrimp, sesame chicken and beef with Chinese vegetables.

I was going to pick up the food myself, really I was. but Jen has my car tonight...she asked if she could take mine because hers has no heat. and I just blew out my shouldeer tying to scrape ice off the windshield of Jen's Chevy (my de-icing spray is in my Corolla. which is at a party across town) so I ordered delivery. I will de-ice Jen's car tomorrow - provided we don't get more snow. (looks like Long Island will have a white Christmas this year.) makes perfect sense to a 16 year old to wear suede UGGS in the snow and complain that her feet are getting wet, but to laugh at Mom's snow boots as "fugugly". the last laugh is on you, Becca least MY feet are dry.

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