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Thursday, December 4, 2008

bad mommy moment from the past

All this talk of Christmas ornaments reminds me of a "bad mommy" moment I had when Jen was 2 years old.

we had a Christmas party at my office, and everyone was encouraged to bring their children. Becca was only 6 months old, so I decided to leave her home with her father while I took Jen to the party. She had a great time, running around the cubicles and playing with the other kids.

and then "it" happened.

I'd received a gift from one of our vendors, a centerpiece from the florist, evergreens decorated with a few glass ornaments. I'm Jewish, what do I know from Christmas ornaments? I didn't realize the ornaments were made of glass until Jen started playing with them, and one broke and she cut her hand.

I don't know who cried more -- Jen from the pain of that cut, or me because I was a horrible mommy that day.


Suzanne said...

You had no way of knowing. nowadays, they're almost all plastic...

songbird's crazy world said...

yeah, I know, but 16 years later, it still bothers me.

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