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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Becca is thinking of running track this spring.

apparently spring track is a "walk-on" at Becca's school. her best friend is a member of the team.

it means she'd have to go to practice...and I'd have to go to the meets whenever I can.

but she can always use another varsity letter -- she got one letter for her two years of dance team (dance and cheerleading are "stepchildren" of the athletic department, no matter how long you're on the varsity team you earn only one letter). and she could win a scholar-athlete award (dance team wasn't eligible for this award, though most of the dance team girls would have qualified if eligible)

and if she actually joins the team, I would love to go to the spring sports awards and smile at the dance team bitch coach.


Suzanne said...

That'd be cool. With all the dancing, she's probably got great endurance.

songbird's crazy world said...

she hasn't decided yet. she may not have time for sports.

she's busy with her AP classes and Spanish club and Key club, and she'll be taking the SAT and the ACT in the spring -- not to mention all those Regents exams at the end of theyear. and she's going to a leadership conference in March, she'll miss 4 days of school.

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