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Saturday, December 27, 2008

memories of Molly

for some reason tonight...I am thinking of my dog Molly.

Drew and I went to North Shore Animal League with the intention of adopting a puppy but wound up with a full-grown beagle named Molly.

she was the dumbest but the sweetest dog...

she liked to dig...I almost killed her when she used her digging skills on the foam cushions of my couch.

and who can forget when she escaped from our apartment and I wound up chasing her all through our Brooklyn neighborhood in my bathrobe? I never caught her...she ran around the block and then ran home.

but...she won a place in my heart forever...when Jen was a baby and learning to walk, she'd grab Molly's floppy ears and use the poor dog's head as leverage to bring herself to a standing position. and the dog allowed it...even slept under the crib at night to keep my little one safe.

Drew got custody of the dog in the divorce...the last time I saw her she was old...had cateracts and could barely see...but I think she recognized me...


Christina said...

Aww, I am a sucker for beagles. I am god-mom to one who just has so much character and personality. Oh yes, and that whole digging and sniffing and running away thing! Not sure if I would ever have the patience to own one, but I do automatically adore every one I see.

songbird's crazy world said...

I loved that dog. but these days I have cats.

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