The toaster

 My cousin J, who lives in Myrtle Beach, was unable to attend Becca’s shower, but sent her love and a generous gift.

My cousin loves to tell the story about her own bridal shower.  J and her late husband got married in 1964.  My mom and my dad’s sister Sonia (who lived with us) decided to share the cost of a  shower gift, and bought a toaster.  

Well, apparently that toaster was built to last.  In July 2023 my cousin posted that she still uses that toaster every single morning.

My mom is gone, my aunt is long gone, J’s husband died about a year ago, but that toaster endures.


  1. Many things were built to last longer, and toasters sure have lasted! My mother had one long laster too! A nice heavy metal one. Not any more. I replace mine with thrift store ones they break so often. Maybe if I paid a lot it might last? I'm cheap!

  2. Amazing. It was built well, before planned obsolescence became a thing.


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