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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tai Show Fusion

So I was getting a little bored with the lunch options around here, and decided to go for something a little different.  I've driven by Tai Show many times, thought I'd give it a try.

They do sushi and what they call "kitchen" dishes -- teriyaki, tempura, hibachi.  It was lunch time, I was doing takeout, so I opted for a bento box, which gives you a taste of several different dishes. The box comes with miso soup, salad, shumai, California roll, your choice of entree and white rice.

The miso soup looked appetizing, with bits of tofu and seaweed floating in it.  It tasted like ...well, like sea water.  guess I'm not a fan of miso soup.  The salad was primarily iceberg lettuce with that ubiquitous ginger dressing -- also not my favorite.

But the rest of the box --  the shumai were delicate and flavorful, the California roll was fresh and satisfying.  The shrimp teriyaki was very well prepared, large shrimp with a nice mixture of onions, mushrooms, carrots and broccoli.

So next time -- and there will of course be a next time -- I won't order the bento box. 

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