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Friday, May 23, 2014

girl drama

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Both of my daughters are dealing with "girl drama" right now.  I thought that would be over as they left their teens behind, but them again, I know lots of adult women who thrive on "girl drama".

Jen's drama comes from cheer leading.  The irony is that when Jen was a cheerleader, her coach actively discouraged girl drama.   The source of Jen's aggravation isn't the girls on the team.  The short version is that other people want her job as varsity coach and are trying to undermine her authority.  She's handling it nicely, has the support of the school administration, and the girls on the team love her.  But there's lots of aggravation,  I'm hoping next year will be quieter than this year, and that she can concentrate on coaching instead of drama.

Becca's issue is with one of her roommates.  They've been living together for two years, and as far as I knew  they were friends.  Now that they've had a major falling out, I"m hearing about all the prior incidents, all the drama that this girl created.  The current argument?  The roommates all graduated last weekend, but the lease does't expire until the end of July.  Miss Drama Queen wants to move out now, she has another apartment lined up, and she wants to sublet her room to a guy who's taking summer school classes.  Becca doesn't want to live with a stranger, and when she pointed out that the lease doesn't allow for subleases, Miss Drama Queen began harassing Becca via text message in the hopes she would change her mind.


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