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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Lexington adventure begins

When I work from home, I access the company's computer system from a terminal that connects to the internet and creates a virtual desktop for me. But before I had the company's hardware at home, just after a Superstorm Sandy, I downloaded software to my laptop which allowed me to access the virtual desktop remotely.

So my plan was to bring the laptop to Kentucky, to get some work done.

Only problem is, a year and a half after Sandy, the software has been upgraded and is no longer compatible with my old laptop, which runs Windows Vista.

Vista? Isn't that a program from the dawn of time?

Well, yeah, it is.

But wait a minute, I just got a new laptop. It runs Windows 8.

Also not compatible.

So the laptop stayed home.

Which gave me a free afternoon.

So off I went to explore.

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