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Monday, May 12, 2014

Milleridge Inn for Sunday brunch

We decided to try the Milleridge Inn for Mother's Day brunch. Years ago this was my family's "go-to" place for special occasions, but I hadn't been in years.

The place has been operating as a restaurant since colonial times, the original part of the building dates back to the 18th century, so you know what kind of atmosphere to expect.

There was a nice selection at the buffet, including breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs and French toast, as well as lunch dishes such as quiche, stuffed shrimp, salads, etc. There was a carving station with turkey and lamb, and cooked to order omelets and waffles. Food was good for the most part, though the lamb was a bit tough. Cocktail shrimp were excellent. Tart shell on the dessert table was under baked, so I contented myself with the strawberries and whipped cream.

Service was friendly and efficient. The staff did have a bit of a struggle to keep up with the demand at the buffet table, there were a few empty serving dishes when I got to the buffet, but the dishes didn't stay empty too long. We were initially served cold coffee, but it was quickly replaced. My daughter was disappointed that she could not order a mimosa - we were seated at 11:00 and alcoholic beverages are not available until noon.

Afterwards we walked through the "village" and browsed in the shops. Nice atmosphere.

I think we have found another brunch place.

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Suzanne said...

Only time I'd been there was when I was on a committee to determine whether we'd hold an end of year banquet there. We didn't.

My dad was a huge fan of the Maine Maid, just across Jericho Turnpike. We did quite a few holidays there, same colonial decor, amazing prime rib. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

songbird's crazy world said...

Never went to the Maine Maid. Last time I was at the Milleridge Inn, Jen was an only child. I had heard it went downhill, but brunch was nice.

songbird's crazy world said...

and sad to say the Maine Maid In closed awhile back.

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