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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Southside Fish & Clam

We hadn't been to that neighborhood since before Superstorm Sandy, but tonight we ventured to Montauk Highway in Lindenhurst for a spectacular meal at Southside Fish & Clam.
This place started life as a fish market, with a few picnic tables behind the store to enjoy a lobster or whatever.  It's now a full-fledged restaurant. 
When you walk in from the main entrance the fish market will be to your left and the restaurant to your right.  It's counter service.  You order food at the counter and you're given a buzzer, which will let you know when your order is ready.  You find your own table.  Drinks, even soft drinks, must be ordered from the bar.  When your food is ready it will be served in disposable plastic dishes with plastic utensils,which you must fetch cafeteria-style on a tray from the counter.  The busboy will clear your table, but otherwise it's all self serve.
No ambiance whatsoever.  And no one cares.
The food, however, is amazing.  The seafood is inceedibly fresh and well prepared. We had a table by the counter, so we were able to see everyone else's trays, and everything looked delicious.
Our meal started with lobster bisque, a very  creamy soup served with Saltine crackers.  The soup had a very nice lobstery flavor, but I would have liked a few chunks of lobster meat. 
We ordered surf and turf. The lobster tail was broiled to perfection, the strip steak cooked to order.  French fries were crisp, not greasy.  Yum.
Yes, this place is a keeper.
Sadly, one of our other favorites, the Cattleman, just down the road from Southside . . .well, we drove past the place, and it's closed -- it's on the canal, after all, and was decimated by Sandy.
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Suzanne said...

That sounds really good!

Reading this reminded me of a place that my ex's family would take us to many Friday nights, Pier 44 in Babylon. I looked them up and it appears they've reopened, albeit while still doing a bit of remodeling.

Lots of good little seafood restaurants along the south shore. I hope that many were able to recover.

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