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Monday, June 10, 2013

baseball "marathon", or yes, we are definitely crazy

conversation one:

He:  "I'm bidding on a package on the charity site.  It's a Mets game.  Includes field level seats, preferred parking and a food voucher."

She:  "Sounds great.  Which game?"

He:  "They won't let me know until I'm the successful bidder."

She:  "I hope you get it, I love the Mets."

conversation two:

He:  "Let's buy tickets for a Long Island Ducks game.  June 8th is fireworks night.  Want to go?"

She:  "Of course.  I love the Ducks.  Loved seeing them win the championship last year."

conversation three:

He:  "I've got good news and bad news,"

She:  "OK, what's going on?"

He:  "The good news is, I won the Mets package.  The bad news is, it's June 8th.  Afternoon game."

And so began our baseball marathon.

First up, Citi Field.  Mets vs. Marlins, 1:00 PM.  Preferred parking meant we parked right at the stadium entrance, didn't have to walk far to get to the gate.  Field level seats meant front row, right at first base, I could rest my arms on the roof of the dugout.  Yes, that was us you saw every time the TV cameras aimed at the stands over the dugout -- Drew DVR'd the game and we saw ourselves on TV.  Food vouchers were redeemed for hamburgers and crinkle cut fries.  Afternoon was cloudy but warm.  And Matt Harvey was pitching!

Until he had muscle spasms and had to leave the game.  With the score tied 1-1.

After that the game became an endurance test. We left after the bottom of the 11th.  Though I think we would have stayed if we didn't have another game that evening.  We found out later the game went 20 innings before the Marlins finally beat the Mets, 2-1.  By then we were well into the third inning of the Ducks game.

We left Citi Field and drove directly to Bethpage Ballpark in Central Islip, got there around 6:00 for a 7:05 game.  Long Island Ducks vs. Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.  Again, we sat behind first base, this time in the third row back from the dugout.  This time we ordered hot dogs and soft pretzels.  I like Atlantic League ball, it's crazier than the major leagues, the between-inning events are corny and not as polished as what you get in the majors. Very exciting game.  Ducks won, 9-2, including a grand slam home run and two separate occasions where a run was scored on a wild pitch.  and, of course, a ten-minute presentation by Grucci after the game.  Fireworks are always best up close and personal.

Came home absolutely exhausted.

We'll be back for more baseball, both Mets and Ducks, but .... not on the same day. 

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Suzanne said...

Aaah, Grucci!

Sounds like the Mets could have used some assistance from the Ducks. :)

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