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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitty con artist

I was most definitely taken advantage of by a feline con artist!

Mr. Kitty is my "breakfast buddy".  I cannot leave the house to ho to work until he gets his morning meal - dry cat food.  Sometimes he'll drag himself out of bed when he hears me coming down the stairs.  Sometimes he's waiting for me at the foot of the stairs.  And occasionally he'll come into my room and pester me while I'm getting dressed.

Our other cat, Redford, is not all that interested in breakfast.  Usually if I see him in the morning, he wants to go out to the yard to play, or he was out all night and wants to come inside to sleep.  As far as Redford is concerned I'm the doorman . . .

Now, dinner is an entirely different matter.  Dinner means canned cat food, those fancy three-ounce cans.  Dinner is generally served at 5, usually by my mother.  Both cats go absolutely crazy for dinner.

So how did I get conned?

We are a large family with varied schedules, so it's rare to find myself home alone.  But when I got home at 8:30 last night, the felines were the only family members in the house. And I had reason to believe they'd been home alone most of the day.

Mr. Kitty was waiting in the foyer when I opened the front door. He started his "starving kitty" act the moment I walked into the house.  That poor, pathetic meowing!  Redford showed up when he heard the Kitty man carrying on.

I felt so bad for both of them.

Of course I ran to the pantry and grabbed two cans.  Of course I gave them dinner.  The poor babies!

When Jen got home a short time later I began to tell her the story....

"You didn't feed them, did you?  Cause I gave them each a can when I got home this afternoon.  They had dinner at 4:00."

Don't let the sweet expression on that furry white face fool you.  He's a master con artist.  And our orange friend is his willing accomplice.

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