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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mother=chief problem solver

All hail the chief.


I was in my office in Jersey City, a rare thing since my life as a telecommuter began.  Jen called me and sent me texts like crazy.  Seems that when she arrived at work she discovered her car had a flat tire. she's not a AAA member, how was she going to get help?  She didn't realize her car insurance comes with emergency roadside service.  I'm sure I told her so several times, but who pays attention to what mom has to say?

I was on my way home when Becca started texting me.    Becca is in Washington, DC right now, attending a "leadership conference" which included attendance at the Inauguration on Monday.  Her bank called her, to tell her that her debit card was used fraudulently and was therefore cancelled, and that they'd be sending her a replacement card in 3-5 days.  Fortunately she already has her plane ticket home and enough money with her to take care of incidentals.  She doesn't have enough money to pay for the car service from the airport to her apartment, and she needs cash for food and whatever until she can get access to her bank account again.  So her aunt is picking her up at the airport and I've given said aunt cash to give to my child.

I feel bad for Becca.  This is the second time she's had her card number stolen.  Last year it happened when she was visiting a friend in Philadelphia, and she was able to get home because she already had her bus ticket but was in dire need of cash.  Deja vu.

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