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Friday, January 11, 2013

Bobbys Burger Palace

In our quest for the best cheeseburger on Long Island, tonight we had to try Bobbys Burger Palace.

Located at Roosevelt Mall but not "in" the mall -- you enter from the parking lot -- this place is a cut above fast food. You order at the counter, then find a seat at one of the long, counterlike tables. Your food is brought to you on real plates, not paper.

Although there are other options on the menu, burgers are the obvious stars. I ordered the Miami Burger, which is a take on a Cuban sandwich -- the burger is topped with ham, cheese and pickles. This is not a sloppy, juicy burger. It's a thick and flavorful patty. Being a New Yorker, I usually don't put mustard on my burger, and the mustard they use is very spicy.

All burgers can be "crunchified", meaning they're served with potato chips on the patty.

I ordered fries, which were merely ok, but one of our group kept raving about the onion rings -- thick rings of onion in a slightly sweet beer batter.

The vanilla shake with whipped cream was thick and sweet. Maybe next time I'll try it "spiked".

Overall this place was good, and I would not hesitate to eat here again if I happened to be at the mall, but I don't think this is going to become one of our "destination" burger joints.

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