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Monday, January 23, 2012


A glomy, rainy Monday in the middle of January.

And yet I am not depressed, not wallowing in self pity and winter gloom.

I came back to work today, first time in six weeks.

I am glad yo be healthy enough to go to work.  I am glad to have a job to go back to.

While I was away, one colleague got married.  Another colleague's wife had a baby.  And a third co-worker lost her elderly father.  It was good to be back here offering congrats and condolences.

And of course thete's the excitement . . . I work in Jersey City, just a stone's throw from the Meadowlands.

I missed all of the holiday festivities here (well, not all -- today I got a bunch of Christmas cards and a few gifts from vendors), but I will be here for the Super Bowl excitement.  Last year I won $500 in the office pool, so of course I plan to play again this year.

It's good to be back.

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