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Monday, January 16, 2012

Colonial Wiliamsburg?

I think that's where Drew and I are going this summer. Perfect choice for two history buffs, don't you think? I've been there twice. I'm sure I postede about both trips before, but.... First time was the summer of 1974, I was 14 and my parents took us on vacation. We spent a few days in Colonial Williamsburg, toured the town and the Governor's Mansion (loved the garden maze), took a candlelight tour of the Capitol. Spent a day in Jamestown and watched a glassblower do his thing, brought home a paperweight made of green glass. Toured the Yorktown battlefield in the rain -- boring. That was the trip where my dad made a wrong turn every time we drove back to the hotel and we'd wind up in the bus station. Where we joked that F and A (age almost 7) were on a tour of every bathroom in Virginia. Where my parents encountered those little cups of creamer for their coffee for the very first time. That was also the summer we stopped in Washington, DC for a day -- saw the monuments, drove past the White House but didn't go in -- that was just three days before President Nixon resigned. And it was the summer I learned that racism was still de facto, if not de jure, alive and well. There was a huge rest stop on I-95 in Maryland, it looked like a southern plantation house. There was a ladies room upstairs, by the food court, that was clean and bright -- and all the ladies were white. Later I walked into the restroom on the main floor, to find that it was in poor repair, and all the ladies on line for the facilities were African-American. You just knew that there once was a sign on the door indicating this was the "colored" restroom. Shocked me, actually. Place has long since been torn down, replaced with more modern and egalitarian facilities. In the summer of 1996 my sister and I took Jen and Becca to Williamsburg, Jen was 5 1/2 and Becca had just turned 4. We stayed in Colonial Williamsburg and spent most of our time there, with side trips to Busch Gardens and Jamestown. Skipped Yorktown. Thought about stopping at King's Dominion on the way home, but wound up skipping that amusement park and spending a day in DC instead. what I remember most from that trip -- the woman in Jamestown dressed as Disney's Pocahontas who told us the real story of Jamestown, getting a green glass paperweight in Jamestown, winning prizes for the girls in Busch Gardens. We ate in one of the taverns in Colonial Williamsburg and were entertained by period musicians. How I lost the tote bag with the girls' extra clothes in Busch Gardens -- Becca got lost in the playground and I went to look for her -- we searched the park for the bag but couldn't find it, asked at the Lost and Found but it wasn't turned it -- yet somehow they mailed it to us after we came home. One one night we ate in our hotel and the food was taking a long time to show up; we told Jen to close her eyes,that the food would be on the table when she opened them again -- and there was a power failure and the lights went out just after she closed her eyes... Yes, good trips, both times. Drew went to Williamsburg once, with the girls and with his ex girlfriend and her daughter. They did the colonial thing, Busch Gardens and Virginia Beach, or so I am told. It must have been about two years, maybe three, after I was there. Adults with an interest in history are going to have a very different perspective than parents with children along for the ride. Less time at Busch, more time at the historic areas. I definitely want to eat in one of the taverns again, and take a candlelight tour. Maybe a carriage ride?


Suzanne said...

Do the carriage ride, you'll really enjoy it, especially if you can get one in the early evening.

I went with the ex on our honeymoon and we had a lovely dinner at one of the taverns and another at the Whaling Company. I've only been back one time since, but I really enjoy the history.

songbird's crazy world said...

Really looking forward to it! I will take your suggestion about the carriage ride.

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