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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feline politics

Living with three cats can be ... interesting.

I've written about my sweet, delicate Daisy. 16 years old, weighs all of six pounds, prefers the company of humans to that of other cats. She is a real princess ... but with excellent hunting skills. A great communicator, she will stand and meow at you until you realize what she wants.

Mr. Kitty is a roly poly boy. He weighs about 20 pounds. Very laid back, he can often be found sleeping on the floor, belly exposed, paws in the air. He was a starving kitty when he came here. He equates food with love and he needs a lot of both. He's a perfect little brother -- he likes to pester Daisy, chase after her, steal her food.

Now we add Redford into the mix. While Daisy and Mr. Kitty were kittens when they arrived here, Redford was a full grown tomcat when he joined our family last winter. He's really great with people, not so much with other cats. He gets along ok with the other cats in our house, But he fights with other cats in the neighborhood ... Pick him up and realize he's all muscle. He's playful at home, chases Mr. Kitty ( I think the Kittyman likes being chased) and poor little Daisy, who would rather be an only cat.

Drew's cat, Cookie, is an only cat. If Daisy had a clue she'd want to trade places...

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