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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Disney trip report part 2

Universal/IOA: My one complaint is that people here are more likely to ignore the "designated smoking area". Saw one young woman walking up the main street of the park, cigarette in hand. She was wearing short shorts -- so short that I could see the tattoo on her butt cheek. If I'd been her mother, she'd be dead.

As hotel guests, we were able to go into IOA an hour before the park opened just for the Harry Potter area -- you don't get front of the line access for Forbidden Journey. On Saturday we did Harry Potter first, then worked our way around IOA and then went to Universal. On Sunday we did Harry Potter, then went over to Universal so the pirate king could ride the Hollywood rip rocket (no front of the line access for that one, either), and ended our day in IOA.

The rides here tend to be darker and edgier, and we loved them. Forbidden Journey is clearly the best ride in Central Florida. Loved Spiderman and Revenge of the Mummy. Jaws is pure camp and the Simpsons ride is the funniest flight simulator -- love the smell of baby powder....

I won't ride the Dragon Challenge, the Hulk, Doctor Doom's Freefall or Hollywood Rip Rocket. The king loved the coasters, but felt Tower of Terror was a better ride than Dr. Doom. On the other hand, Disaster is much better than Disney's Backlot tour, especially now that there's no audience participation at Disney.

I was not particularly impressed with the fast food in the parks -- ate at Blondie's sandwich shop one day and at the International Festival the next. Adequate but not spectacular. We ate one dinner at the Islands restaurant at the hotel -- nice stir fry experience. Loved my shrimp in Margaritaville, but we were sitting upstairs and didn't really get to experience the "party" -- though this parrothead was happy to hear Jimmy's music! We had dinner at the Latin Club one night, and I thought the food was better than at Bongos; I had arroz con pollo is both restaurants. The king thought Citywalk was nicer than downtown Disney.

And did I mention the local fauna? As we arrived at the Royal Pacific, I told the king "I didn't see any lizards at coronado springs." I remembered seeing lizards at ohter hotels. No sooner did I say it than I saw lizards at Royal Pacific. but what really got to us was the little black snake that crossed our path!

People DO notice your t-shirt, by the way. the king wore a t-shirt from the old TV show "dark shadows" and spent the day telling people about the new movie version starring Johnny depp. I wore an old t-shirt to Hollywood Studios, one that I bought after riding Rock N roller Coaster 10 years ago, and it was quite a conversation starter. And the day we went to IOA I wore a shirt I'd bought in the Warner Brothers Studio Store, one that bears the Dark Lord's name -- you should have seen reactions to that.

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