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Friday, May 13, 2011


I went to a business seminar on West 44th yesterday. As I walked from Penn Station I realized that it was a beautiful May morning ... And the walk through the city got me thinking about a time when I still worked in Manhattan not Jersey City. It just felt like I was back in the 80's...don't know why.

At the seminar I ran into two old friends.

20 years ago, in June 1991, I accepted an offer of employment from an insurance company, and on June I left my job with a law firm to take that job. Jen was just a few months old and Becca hadn't been born yet. I worked there for 7 years before moving on to something else.

Cheryl and Mary were with that insurance company in 1991, and they're still working together - the company went into liquidation awhile back and they're winding down its business.

It was good to catch up with them - we seem to run into each other every 4-5 years.

But running into them when I was already feeling nostalgic ....

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