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Monday, March 7, 2011

watching the decline

Shortly after I got married in 1987, my grandmother's health began to decline.  It was not unexpectd, she was 85 years old when I got married (At least, I think I think she was 85, we were never sure exactly how old she was because there was no birth certificate....)  She passed away in 1995, after a long period of steady decline.  It was difficult to watch, over the years, how a once-vital older woman slowly lost bits of herself....

Last year we lost my aunt, my mother's younger sister.  She fell sick in early February with what should not have been a fatal illness, but one problem led to another, and she passed in April. 

My father says he is a miracle of modern science, that he would not be here but for 21st century medical advances.  He never thought he'd live to see 84, but we celebrated his 84th  birthday last month. He's had health issues for a number of years. Of course it affected him, but he still enjoyed life.   I

n  the last few months, however,  I've seen a real change in my father.  He's become "a little old man"....very fussy about his health, lacking in energy, very dependent on others.  It  scares my mother, it scares my sisters and it scares me.

I know where this is leading and I don't want to face it. 

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