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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

spring break

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Becca will be home for spring break on Friday.  She plans to pick up a few shifts at the clothing store in the mall.  Of course, this means she has to buy some new outfits to wear to work...She's due back at school on the 21st.

Jen's spring break doesn't begin until the 18th.

So they will be home together for the weekend of the 18th-21st, but each of them will essentially be home for spring break alone.

That just feels...weird.  They're on completely different schedules.

They're on completely different life tracks.

Jen's plan has always been to become an elementary school teacher.  She knew what she wanted before she left high school. She's hit some snalgs and bumps in the road along the way, but she has never wavered from that goal.

Becca has jumped from idea to idea to idea.  But she has finally announced plans to major in political science and then go to law school.

I am amazed.  But maybe I shouldn't be surprised at all. 

Although she would be the first to deny it, Jen's personality is closer to her father's than to mine.

Becca, on the other hand, reminds me of myself at her age.

Would it surprise you to know that Drew is a high school teacher and that I am a lawyer?

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