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Friday, March 4, 2011

she's not even in high school anymore

So why did I feel annoyed?

I'm facebook friends with Sharyn. I know her from synagogue and because her older daughter was in Becca's class in school.    Both of Sharyn's daughters are dancers.  Her older daughter was on dance team and her younger daughter is a current member of the team. Sharyn and I roomed together one year when the team went to WDW.  I like Sharyn and I like her daughters. but I felt annoyed at her post.

The dance team is in WDW right now for a competition.  Sharyn posted about it on facebook. 

And then I found out that Erica went to WDW with the team.

Erica owns the salon where my mom gets a manicure every week.  My mom mentioned she had to reschedule her appointment this week because Erica went to WDW.

I've known Erica for 16 years, ever since her daughter and Becca were in class together in preschool.  Erica's daughter didn't go to the same high school as Becca.  But Erica's best friend Kathy has a daughter who is a year younger than Becca, who goes to Becca's old high school, and who is currently on the dance team.  Kathy invited Erica and her daughter to come along on the trip.

I think I'm still angry and upset at the dance coach.  She treated Becca very poorly when she cut her from the team.  Becca got over being cut from the team and had two fabulous years doing all sorts of things she couldn't have done if the team had taken up all her time.  I think it's more the way the coach treated my daughter than the fact that she cut my daughter from the team that bothers me.  It's hard to forgive someone for being mean to your baby!

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