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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

bonding with my daughters

Both girls were home last weekend.  It was good to have them home, even though they spent a good deal of time screaming "I hate you" at each other --- just before deciding to go to see the Justin Bieber movie together in a "my sister is my BFF" kind of way.

Jen and I made a little trip to the ER Sunday night. Nothing serious, as I mentioned earlier....but it gave us some time alone, away from the rest of our family, to chat...I told her all about how I gave new meaning to the words "business trip" one time, wound up in a soft cast on my foot for two weeks.   Strange how you can have a bonding moment while waiting for x-rays to come back. 

Becca and I had some "alone time" on Saturday.  She'd gone to lunch with a friend, then found her way into Barnes & Noble, where she'd bought herself a new game -- she loves to play "Scene It" and was excited to find the new Disney version of the game.  She came home and asked me to play -- she knows I'm a Disney fan, I've played other versions of "Scene It" and she thought we'd have some fun.  It's been a long time since we played any sort of game together.  Of course, she's much better at the game than I's been a long time since I've had to "let her win".    Whatever tasks remained undone that day, it was worth it to spend time with Becca like I used to....

The house is quiet again ...too quiet....

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