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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

birthday disaster....oh my!

It must have been Jen's 11th birthday, or maybe her 12th....There was an entertainment company, their primary business was providing DJ services at bar/bat mitzvahs, but they'd turned some unused space in their offices/warehouse into a casual party room....For a small fee, you could do a kids' party, two hours of a DJ/MC entertaining the kids, plus pizza and soda and a helper to serve the food. Parents were expected to provide the birthday cake. When I made a party there (and I made several), I also provided chips, goodie bags and my sisters' home-baked cookies.

Anyhow, for this particular party, I'd ordered a sheet cake from my favorite local bakery. The bakery was a good 20-30 minute ride from the party place. The cake was absolutely gorgeous, all pink and flowery and perfect. I carried it gingerly to my car, and drove as if I had raw eggs on the back seat and was afraid to break them. Handed the cake to the young lady who was to serve the food, and she put it in the back room.

About halfway through the party, the young lady approached me with a scared, sad look on her face and asked me to come into the back room.

It seems that the refrigerator in the back room was about 4 1/2 feet tall. She'd placed the cake on top of the refrigerator. And when she opened the refrigerator door to get the soda, the cake box (with the cake still inside!) flipped over.... The cake was still edible, of course, since it was in the box, but it certainly wasn't pretty anymore.

I had to bring Jen to the back room and show her the cake, because I didn't want her to get an unppleasant surprise when we sang "Happy Birthday". She took it surprisingly well.

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