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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the thick envelope

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You know what the thick envelope is, of course.  It's the letter from the college admissions office offering you a place in next year's freshman class.  A thick envelope is an acceptance, a thin one -- not such good news.
There was never any doubt in my mind that Becca woudl receive several thick envelopes.  she's an honor roll student with good SAT scores and a nice portfolio of extracurricular activities.  And she applied to a variety of schools -- safe schools, obtainable schools and a few "reach" schools. Can you believe she applied to 12 different schools?   True, she got a bit of a late start -- she applied to one school "early decision", and was so sure she'd be accepted that she neglgected to complete any other applications until her first choice advised her that her application was being deferred -- that they couldn't offer her admission "early decision" but that they would consider her application by the regular decision date.
what made things even worse, two of her best friends, girls she's known since kindergarten,  were accepted "early decision" into Ivy League schools. 
but things have changed now.
while I was on vacation, Becca received TWO thick envelopes.  My mom tells me that when the first thick envelope came, Becca opened it up, looked at the letter offering her a place in the class of 2014, turned to my mother and said "I  am really going to college."  when the second envelope came, she realized that she would have a choice -- that at least two schools wanted her  and that she could choose which one best suited her.  she said "I'm glad I didn't get accepted early decision, now I have a choice."  but I suspect if she gets a thick envelope from her first choice school, her decision will be easy.
she's still waiting to hear from 10 schools.  and we know there will be a few thin envelopes coming her way.  but she told me that the thin envelopes won't hurt quite as much, now that some thick envelopes have arrived. 
better go pack my bags, "admitted students day" is coming....

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