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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

Bad week, skipped weigh-in but made myself go to the meeting.  I will get my focus back this week, i swear!

As for the show, I watched the second half -- didn't see Michael win the challenge -- and thought he was strategic in his choices for the teams, but it will come back to bite him.  Blue team won the  challenge -- letters from home -- and then it was time for weigh-in. 

O'Neal had immunity, he did well.

Blue team first -- starting with Michael.  Will he beat Rudy's record?  He needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to do that.  He lost 15!!!! a total of 109 pounds in 7 weeks.

Next is Sunshine.  7 pounds, not bad.

Lance is next.  5 pounds, a bit disappointing. Miggy's weight loss is also disappointing.  So it Daris.

Koli does well, he may have just saved the blue team.

then it was balck team's turn.  the need about 6 pounds a piece to beat blue.

Andrea first.  5 pounds, not bad.

Cheryl lost 4 pounds. 

Sherry lost 6.  Maybe there's hope!

Sam....the only guy on up next.  8 pounds!

Stephanie's turn.  8 pounds!!

Ashley needs to lose more than 8 pounds to keep the team safe.  it's tense.  she lost 10 pounds!!!!!

so Michael's strategy didn't work, this time at least.  Michael has immunity, someone else on blue will go home. and then O'Neal will take that person's place.  the vote is rough, but Miggy is voted out.

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