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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

I seem to have lost my focus, I need to find it.

Missed the first half of the show, apparently they went home for a week?

Tuned in just in time for the last chance workout and the weigh in.

Blue team is up first. They have bene beating the black team up until now, will they have a good weigh in after being home? All is going well....though Daris didn't pull a large number.

black team needs to have lost more than 26 pounds to beat the blue team. Tha's about 7 pounds a piece.

We start with Andrea. Six pounds. Not bad.

Stephanie is next. She's had small losses 2 weeks in a row. this week she lost 9 pounds! And now she's under 300 and feels good.

Ashley is up next. 10 pounds!

so that's 25 pounds...2 pounds away from a win?

It's Sam's turn. He needs more than one pound...


And then...14 pounds!!!!!

Black team wins the weigh in.

blue team goes to the elimination room. Sunshine has immunity. And Daris is in tears as he votes for Lance...and Lance goes home.

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