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Sunday, May 26, 2013

If a tree falls in the forest

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy.  And was also cursed - no one would believe her.

Please call me Cassandra.

We live in a heavily wooded area.  Our back yard borders on an unofficial 18 acre "nature preserve", undeveloped woodlands.  When the neighborhood was developed in the 1960's, the builder took care to preserve as many trees as possible. 

So when our house was built 45 years ago, there was a hickory tree in the middle of our back yard, a tree taller than the house.

Two years ago I noticed that the roots of this tree were starting to rot away.  Made me very nervous.  I suggested we get someone to take a look at the tree.  No one listened to me.

Last summer our landscaping service discovered that one of the small trees near the driveway was rotting out.  Landscaper had the tree removed so that it wouldn't fall onto the driveway.

No one did a thing about the hickory tree.

Somehow the tree survived Superstorm Sandy and all the bad weather last winter.

But we've had some wet, windy weather these past few days.

Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen, looking out at the back yard.  I heard a loud CRACK!!!!  And then the hickory tree came down. 

At least it fell away from the house. 

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