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Monday, May 20, 2013

graduation weekend

So this weekend Jen headed back to her alma mater to watch some of her friends graduate.  Becca thought about going to graduation at her school, to see what she can expect next year, but ultimately decided to sleep in instead.

And Drew and I headed upstate to the graduation of a friend's daughter. Small college in the Hudson Valley, the graduation ceremony is held outdoors, on the quad, rain or shine.  And it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  Spent the whole morning huddled under an umbrella, but got drenched anyhow.  What we do for friendship....

Lunch was at The Texas Roadhouse in Kingston, NY.  We've eaten at this chain before, there's one in East Meadow, not far from where Drew lives.  It's a bit gimmicky, you can choose your own steak from the butcher counter at the front of the restaurant, the room is decorated with fake cacti, and the waitstaff will occasionally stop what they're doing to participate in a line dance.    The signs in the entryway let you know peanuts are being served; you get a bucket of peanuts on your table, and a second bucket to dispose of the shells.  Food is, for the most part, decent.  We all ordered steaks and no one was disappointed.  The fried pickles are light and crisp and served with ranch dressing, which is a good thing, because the pickles are very salty.  I didn't have dessert, but the apple pie my friend ordered looked amazing.  Service was very very slow.  Waiter forgot to bring one of my side dishes, and had to be asked to refill our drinks.  But not a bad experience overall.

Driving home on the NY State Thruway....sigh....

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