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Friday, March 22, 2013

Penn Station/Madison Square Garden

Every day that I head to the company's offices I am reminded that Penn Station is not only a commuter hub and a major travel center, it is also located directly beneath Madison Square Garden.   So not only do you see the commuters, the weekenders headed to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore, and the travelers about to board Amtrak trains to points unknown, you also know when there's an event at the Garden -- especially a Rangers game (when the station turns into a sea of blue jerseys), and to a lesser extent, a Knicks game.  (In the spring and summer, you'll also see lots of game day jerseys on Mets and Yankees fans, but they don't linger, they pass through Penn on their way to the Bronx or to Citi Field).

Other events at the Garden are not so obvious, especially since the circus went to Brooklyn this year (I the new Barclay Center yet).

but yesterday as I was about to walk into Penn, I spotted this:

March Madness has returned.

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