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Saturday, March 2, 2013

cats are like kids

My family loves cats.  We have always had at least one cat, sometimes as many as four, living in our house.  Currently in residence are two feline members of our family, Redford and Mr. Kitty.

Both boys are what I call "self rescued" kitties.  there's a pond about half a mile from our house with a large feral cat population.  People have been known to dump unwanted pets at the pond, resulting in a growing feline community...

Mr. Kitty was a kitten when he was abandoned at the pond.  It was September,  almost 12 years ago.  Redford, on the other hand, was a full grown tom when he found his way to our house, two years ago. We think he's about 4-5 years old.

What I saw the other morning from the top of the stairs... I looked down to see Redford on his back, and Mr. Kitty was batting at him with his paw.  Then they wrestled a bit.  But as soon as they realized I was watching them...they went their separate ways.

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