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Saturday, September 22, 2012

So . . .how about those Mets?

So I took the #7 train to Citi Field.  I used to take the #7 to Shea all the time, but last night was the first time I took the subway to Citi Field.

Actually I shouldn't call it a"subway", the #7 is elevated throughout Queens.

Citi Field was built in Shea's parking lot, much closer to the subway station.  So when you arrive by subway the view of the stadium is overwhelming.

I had arranged to neet Drew and Marc "by the apple."  By this we meant the home run apple, the old one from Shea, that now sits outside Citi Field by the main gate.  The Citi Field home run apple is supposed to be much larger tgan the original.

Field seats meant we could enter through the Hodges gate instead of the rotunda, and gave us access to the club level -- which we didn't use.  our seats were in right field, 3 rows back from the grass.  Not bad for free tickets!

And we found the elusive hot dogs steamed in beer.  Note for next year -- try "Catch of the Day" restaurant.

The stadium is right near LaGuardia.  Usually the planes can been seen flying past the stadium,  but last night the planes were directly over the field -- and there were a lot of them!

Then there was the pleasant surprise.  I see a large group of high school student come out onto the field to sing the national anthem.  And the announcer says who they are -- the concert choir from my high school!  In my scool district there are two high schools -- I graduated from High School East, my sisters and my daughters graduated from High School West.  The singers were from High School East.  Oh, wow.

At the end of the fourth inning it was time for the kiss cam.  That's where the camera crew find couples in the stands and broadcast their pictures to the main screen over center field.  The couples are expected to kiss.

So I'm watching the kiss cam, and couples are kissing.  And then it happened.  My mind was just starting to register that that was MY FACE on the big screen when Drew grabbed me and kissed me.  First time in my life I've been kissed in front of such a large audience.

We were the last couple, so the camera lingered on us for awhile.  And then I got the giggles.

As for the game . . .after Thursday night's debacle against Philly, the guys redeemed themselves -- a good game, and they actually won.  First time this year I got to see the home run apple do its thing.

After the game we spent a few minutes in the museum/hall of fame (we'd never done that before) and in the team shop.

A typical night at the ballpark.

About halfway through the game it occurred ti me.  It's the anniversary.

Friday, September 21, 2001.  A game I watched on tv.  The NY Mets vs. the Atlanta Braves.  The Mets wearing the caps of NYC's first responders -- NYPD, FDNY and the like.   Mayor Guiliani, a devout Yankees fan, cheering for the Mets.  Liza Minelli singing "New York, New York." It's the first professional baseball game to be played in NY since the terrible events ten days ago, Ground Zero is smouldering and recovery efforts are ongoing.  And Mike Piazza becomes a hero with the stroke of the bat -- a come-from-behind, game-winning home run.  And we knew then that although things would never been the same, everything was going to be OK.

And 11 years later, an ordinary night in the park.  How wonderful is that?

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