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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life is short, eat dessert first

People who know me understand that I usually mean this as a metaphor for making sure you make time to enjoy yourself.

I mean, I love cake and ice cream and etc.  But I also enjoy my meals.  And if you read my restaurant reviews you know I seldom order desserts in a restaurant.

But yesterday...

My company leases space from a realty conglomerate.   Once a year the landlord has a "tenant appreciation day.". There's a party in the parking lot of one of their buildings, with live music and a handful of carnival games. Retail tenants have tables set up to advertise their businesses.  Every employee of every tenant gets a ticket for a free ice cream.

So I went over at lunchtime and got my ice cream,  a small cup of Ben and Jerry's.  Then I began to explore.   One restaurant was giving out small cups of pasta and small slices of pizza.  Another had small portions of wraps.  Someone else was offering free drinks.  Free lunch.

There's an Amish farmer who sets up a stand every Wednesday.   As I was leaving the party I stopped to make a few purchases from him.

Not a bad way to spend lunch hour.

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