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Thursday, September 27, 2012

More crazy mixed up family stuff

My father is finally home from rehab, we hope for good.  I do not like the changes I see in him, though.  Physically he is weak and dependent.  He needs help getting up from the chair or the bed, he walks with a walker.  Although his stamina is much improved since the valve replacement, and he does the exercises he learned in physical therapy, a trip upstairs absolutely exhausts him, and most nights he sleeps on the bed in the living room.

More worrysome are the "new" symptoms.  Not entirely new, but . . .

Years ago he had serious issues with his eyes, and needed several surgeries to correct the problem.  One of those problems was macular degeneration. I think it's back.  He has moments when he cannot see what's in front of him.

And then there are the cognitive and language processing issues.  At first we wondered if the problem was that he simply couldn't hear, because he wasn't wearing his hearing aids.  Now the deficits are becoming more obvious.  He is still himself, at least for now.

I must give credit where it is due, my sisters F and A have taken on the responsibility of his cate and are doing a wonderful job of it.  It's become their full-time job.

'Bout time they took on some responsibility.

Meow, that was a bit harsh.

But well-deserved.

45 years old and they still live off their parents' income.  Never had to take on adult responsibility.

I mean, if they had actual lives, we would have had to hire someone to take care of my father.

But I am so very tired of being their punching bag.  The more unhappy they are the more they verbally abuse me.  I bite my tongue and don't engage, but oh how I want to smack them both in the face.


MJ said...

Glad he's home. I'm glad your sisters are helping out, but very sorry they feel the need to take their frustrations out on you.

Suzanne said...

Keep biting that tongue. It's good for them to have some real responsibilities, and better that you don't give them ammunition for their tirades...

songbird's crazy world said...


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