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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sigh. . .

Still dealing with the sadness from Drew's cat Cookie . . .

And right now my sisters are at the vet with our cat Daisy.

Daisy is 16.  She has always been tiny, but strong and healthy.

She hasn't really been eating or drinking much lately and now she's skin and bones.  And lethargic. And it looks like she has some sort of infection in her eyes.  I picjed her up this morning and started to cry.

I think I already know what the vet is going to say.

Mr. Kitty just spent a few days at the animal hospital, he had a very treatable infection. He's home now and doing fine. I think my sisters are hoping the vet can treat Daisy and she'll be ok, too.

I am not so optimistic.

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