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Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's time for Jen to renew her driver's license.  Can't believe she's been driving for four years!

Anyhow, she didn't think she'd need a vision test.  The DMV recently dropped the rule.  But then the governor reinstated the rule.  She could go to the DMV to do the test, but she's away at school. . . So she went to an optometrist.

Who told her she has an astigmatism in each eye and needs glasses to drive.

Jen wore glasses for an astigmatism for a brief time in elementary school, but her opthamolgist decided she didn't need them anymore . . .

Her father wears glasses.  I wear glasses.

So we were not surprised.

But Jen was shocked.

So tomorrow she' s going to the opthamologist.  Who is also a family friend.

I think she's hoping he'll tell her the optometrist was mistaken.

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