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Saturday, October 22, 2011

OMG -- too funny!

So tonight Drew and I went to the movies . . . Saw the latest incarnation of "The Three Musketeers" in 3D (can you imagine Orlando Bloom as a villain?)  movie was ok, kind of fun to watch the fight sequences in slow motion and 3D.

Afterwards he surprised me with reservations at PF Chang's.  We were there last winter . . . I even wrote a detailed review for Urbanspoon . . .and it was time to go back.

So we ordered from the prix fixe menu.  Dinner for two includes two bowls of soup, one appetizer, two entrees and either two mini desserts or one larger dessert to share.

So he had the egg drop soup and I had the hot and sour.  We ordered steamed pork dumplings. Cridpy honeyed shrimp and Mongolian beef.  He had the cheesecake and I had "The Great Wall of Chocolate."  food was good, service was mediocre.

We finished dinner and went out to the car.  I took out my phone and opened my Urbanspoon app to see if I wanted to update ny review.

So first I had to read my review from last March.

And I started to laugh.

Tonight' s menu was identical to what we ordered back in March.  And the service was just as lacking.

No need to update the review . . .

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