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Sunday, June 6, 2010

concert review

so the evening began on the deck outside the theater...local DJ's "the Wise Man and Frank" from B-103 hosted a pre-show party.

they asked trivia questions about the music of the 60's...and I won a pass to Dangerfield's Comedy Club because I knew that the Foundations recorded "Build Me Up Buttercup".

Westbury is a small venue, theater in the round, with a rotating stage, so everyone gets a good view of the performers. Five acts, each a superstar in the 60's, each performing for 30 minutes.   Mark Lindsay joked "I'm back in the 60's...MY 60's."  and Rob Grill referred to the evening as "the Senior Tour".  Everyone knew the songs, we'd heard them all a thousand times.  I think the best acts of the evening were Mickey Dolenz and The Turtles.

If they bring back the tour next year I am sure we will go.

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