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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

age is just a number....

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Ever notice how kids are so very accurate about how old they are?  As if getting older was reaching a goal. 

"I'm 4 1/2"  (and you'd better not forget the "half")

"I'm almost 9" (said the day after an 8th birthday).

A few days ago Becca told me "I'm 18 years old!'  no she's not...not until July 8, that is.

and then Jen said "I'm 20 ...."  and her birthday isn't until November.  My firstborn is still  a teen, at least for a little while.

And isn't it funny how that all changes when you turn 21?  I mean, adults are described as being "21+".  Milestone birthdays, like 30, 40 and 50, are cause for fear, panic and midlife crises.  I mean, Jack Benny was perpetually 39, wasn't he? 

This is a banner year for me.  I celebrated a milestone birthday this year.  And my baby is about to graduate from high school and go away to college.  I figure I can either freak out royally, or accept what is and embrace the future.

My grandmother used to say "Age is just a number, pick one you like."

I think I like the age I'm at.

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