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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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The house has become quiet...too quiet.  Jen is back at school.
she left on January 24, after having spent more than a month at home for winter break.  I must admit, there were times during the break that I wished she'd pack up and go back to school already.  but when the day came....
You start saying goodbye to your children almost from the minute they're born.  You're in the delivery room and a nurse takes your baby to wash and dress her...You send her to relatives, to babysitters, to school, to friends' houses, to camp....
But college is different.  for the first time, you're not sending her off to be supervised by another responsible  adult.  Your child is now the "responsible adult," on her own and taking care of herself.  And you have to trust her judgment.  there are the inevitable phone calls home:  "Mom, how do I....?" and "Mom, I need money for...."  and occasionally "Mom, I want to come home!"
Jen is a second-semester sophomore now.  in the last year and a half I've watched the child I gave birth to 19 years ago blossom into a mature, confident young woman.  it's an amazing transformation. 
the day before she headed back to school, I took her to lunch.  and as we sat there chatting, I had to tell her "you are beautiful, Jen, and I don't mean on the outside..."
so she loaded up her car with clothes and groceries and etc., and drove back to school...
I started missing her the moment the wheels left the driveway.

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Joyce-Anne said...

Awww. Sending a virtual (hug). I'll be there soon enough (and so not looking forward to it).

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